Lightning & Thunder Vol. 2 CD Release Party

The first Lightning and Thunder compilation was novel proof of a Caribbean and Latin American presence in our snowbound burg's hip-hop and pop scenes, a genre-indifferent tour of Twin Cities dancehall reggae, R&B reggaeton, and rap in Spanish. The new one is so good, references to "the Minneapp" could make you do a double-take at your iPod: Backup Plomo, Don Xaba, and Fredy Kruger have a would-be street hit in "Too Many Bosses" ("not enough soldiers"); Trama gets his Auto-Tune on in "You Neva Know"; Kanser's Unicus blends Bob Marley and Stevie Wonder on "Babydoll (What Do You Do?)"; and Prince Jabba (pictured) adds his delicious singjay to a previously unreleased vocal track by the late Peter Nelson of local reggae legends Shangoya. Jabba's brother Lynval Jackson sings in memory of Nelson at this momentously talent-rich release party, which features all of the above plus the rest of the CD's cast and others, including St. Paul Slim, Maria Isa, Samahra of Black Blondie, M.anifest, the Kamillion, Pee Wee Dread, Yoni, Guante, Baraka, host Omaur Bliss, DJ Diamond Don, and producer-maestros the Goodfellas (trumpeter Highstylekyle and keyboardist Friendly Fred) leading the Lightning and Thunder band.
Sat., Dec. 19, 8 p.m., 2009

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