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Lev Fer

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“I was constantly getting into trouble and had no regard for authority,” comedian Lev Fer says about growing up in North Carolina. “All I cared about was making the people around me laugh. To me, that’s the greatest feeling in the world. Being around people you love and making them laugh.” However, he didn’t immediately seek a career in comedy, instead applying for college along with his classmates. “When I was a kid I was pretty smart, and I thought I was going to be a lawyer. Turns out I just liked to wear suits. That’s not a good reason to go into a career like that.” When he started working on his first college application, something struck him. “My future flashed before my eyes,” he recalls. “I saw myself going to college, then business school, like my brother, and becoming a manager. I immediately knew I had to commit to comedy.” Shortly after graduating, he moved to New York City. After two years of not getting very far, he made a short YouTube film about being a standup in the Big Apple. His friends were mortified, and told him to take it down, as they feared it would kill his career. He obliged, but it had already been seen by a management company, and they signed him shortly after. Fer is now headlining clubs across the country and is building an hour he hopes to release as a special next year.