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Leonard Ouzts

Daily from Sept. 19-20
7:30 p.m.
Sept. 20
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Sept. 21
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At just 26, Leonard Ouzts is a top headlining comedian, a pretty impressive feat when you consider how many people are doing standup comedy these days. “I think there are some people who start comedy and are good, and some people that start doing it and aren’t good but think they are, and you do have that revolving door of people coming into the game and leaving,” he says. Speaking of games, that’s how Ouzts started doing comedy. A top high school football player in his home state of Virginia, he used to entertain teammates on the team bus. On stage these days, he talks about challenges of everyday life, such as dating, which has changed for him recently. Having been on the NBC sitcom Abby’s, and being a headlining comic, people recognize him. “It’s no longer, ‘Where are we going to eat?’ it’s ‘Why are those people in your face?’ They recognize me from somewhere.” He’s developed a new mindset about it all. “I’ll go out with my boys, and people will stare at me. Where I come from that means they’re going to get you. But I just remember to stay relaxed. People just don’t want to seem uncool if they come up and talk to you.”