Le Loup

Bless Craigslist. It does the work of the Gods, righting wrongs in Missed Connections and uniting dongs in Casual Encounters—why, it's even behind the mini-orchestra from Washington, D.C., that's rolling into town tonight. You see, the songs from Le Loup's 2007 release, The Throne of the Third Heaven of the Nations Millennium General Assembly, originally existed only on bandleader Sam Simkoff's laptop. But then he reached through it to pull seven bandmates off of Craigslist. Now the troupe bring his heated, experimental, ever-changing folk rock to life. The group members create swells of sound and waves of color and emotion; they might seem to be aimlessly meandering before tightening down into an electro-blippy, banjo-bending jam. And with everybody in the operation contributing to the vocals? I can't imagine the most successful Casual Encounter creating a more ecstatic sound. With the Ruby Suns.
Sat., March 29, 8 p.m., 2008

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