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Laurie Kilmartin

Daily from July 5-7
8 p.m.
Daily from July 6-7
10:30 p.m.

Laurie Kilmartin is a standup comedian as well as a writer for Conan. While it seems like her life couldn’t be anymore ensconced in showbiz, she actually leads a pretty normal existence—we caught up with her by phone as she was about to take her son to the orthodontist. Indeed, she’s not like a lot of her peers. “I don’t build a new hour every year,” she explains, “but then I haven’t had a Netflix special either. If I’d had a Netflix special, maybe I would. I don’t want this to turn into me grumbling about that,” she adds with a laugh. “I just keep writing jokes and dropping jokes I hate or am sick of. That’s sort of my process. I don’t know how people keep writing brand new hours every year. It actually stressed me out.” Describing herself as more of a joke writer than a storyteller, she reasons, “I improve my set 30 seconds at a time, and it’s painfully slow.” In addition to her shows at Acme, Kilmartin will also be at Magers & Quinn for a reading from her new book, Dead People Suck: A Guide for Survivors of the Newly Departed at 5 p.m. on Sunday, July 8. 18+.