Last of the Record Buyers

MCs may get all the mainstream attention nowadays, but hip hop started as a DJ-centered movement, and the truest heads can rattle off their all-time favorite producers as readily as they can list their top lyricists. Brandon Allday, who shares producer/MC double-duty honors with fellow Big Quarters beats-and-rhymes provider Medium Zach, knows his way around all sides of that equation. Allday and DJ Nikoless have dedicated every third Thursday over the last two-plus years to hosting producer showcase Last of the Record Buyers, creating a showcase focusing on the instrumental backbone of hip hop and cultivating a beat-battle mentality meant to keep local producers moving forward. Every month features special guest appearances from local breakbeat scientists, as well as an open call for producers who want to showcase their newest creations to bring in their latest beats for a free-for-all listening session. (Photo provided by Big Quarters)
Third Thursday of every month, 6 p.m., 2009

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