Landland: Soft Targets

Dan Black and Jessica Seamans are the faces behind Landland, a duo vaguely but accurately described as "thing-makers." Their show at First Amendment Arts—an exhibition space two doors down from Landland HQ, run by the fellow screen printers and artists of Burlesque of North America—is a display of everything they've turned out since setting up shop in 2007, including art prints that beg to be framed. Show posters make up the majority of their output; they're the sort that wouldn't make it minutes on a city surface before being pulled down, rolled up, and later pinned to a bedroom wall. Intricate drawings find their way to the paper, stacking as many as five layers of color to form images of spirographs, saw blades, desolate hotel swimming pools, and trees that branch into tumble-down roller coasters. The opening party, from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. this Saturday, February 27, features entertainment from both the hosts, with music spun by First Amendment's own BRLSQOTHEQUE DJs, and performed by the artists (Best Friends Forever, in which Seamans sings and plays bass).
Feb. 27-March 23, 2010

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