La Belle Epoque Valentine's Eve Fetish Bash

There's simply no sense in acting as though you didn't find Pinhead's entreaty to sample the pleasures of hell more than a little enticing. If you've simply been waiting for a more plausible invitation to get in touch with your inner leather submissive, you're in luck. After a lengthy sabbatical, All the Pretty Horses return like Arthur from Avalon to prove that, despite what a thousand Hallmark hacks would have us believe, nothing says true love like bondage gear and ball gags. Expect a gaggle of goths in gimp getups, united in gleeful fellowship by a shared contempt for our most saccharine of holidays, to provide more ass shaking than a donkey show. With a crew of designers adding the flair of haute couture and searing performances by the Melismatics and Sirens of Titan, this is one VD's eve bash that is sure to melt your face in lieu of your heart. 18+.
Wed., Feb. 13, 7 p.m., 2008

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