Kyle Kinane Image courtesy the standup


Kyle Kinane

Nov. 20
7 p.m.

“I’m semi-retired or in ‘phase three,’” says comedian Kyle Kinane. “But I don’t know what either of those mean.” The upshot is that he’s not touring week in and week out. “You can’t just tour and do comedy,” he explains, “because then all your comedy is about touring or—god forbid—something you ingest from the news, and that’s not what I want. You can get great jokes that way, but then you get sad because you’re reminded of how terrible things are.” Instead, Kinane takes chunks of time off to live his life. “I took all summer off and took a little vacation with the missus. I rode my bike and tried to have as much fun as possible.” A comedian’s comedian, Kinane is predominantly playing theaters, which fits in well with his overall career path. “I’ve always looked at the long game,” he says. “I’m not trying to be someone else. If someone wants me to act, I’ll do it, but I don’t live in L.A. to do auditions. I came here to do spots and be in a place where comedy will get you noticed. All that other stuff has been fun, but I love standup.” That being said, he’s still a bit uneasy with playing theaters. “I’m a real funny $25 dollar comedian,” he states. “I’m not a funny $50 comedian.”