Kruddler CD-Release Show

With a name taken from the episode of The Simpsons that found Bette Middler appearing on the Krusty Komeback Special ("We once owned a racehorse together—Kruddler!") and a penchant for goofy, hackneyed plays on words, Kruddler have carved out a space that they occupy virtually by themselves. Sure, they sound "like Minneapolis"—whatever that might mean nowadays (a punked-up Soul Asylum is the best fit here). Their new CD, Awesome Shoot 'Em Up, will do nothing to dispel that notion. But they also sound like an intentionally disheveled rock band slumming it for the thrill of being able to pound out three-chord sonic assaults while having nobody to answer to. They have gloriously idiotic song titles ("Sasquatchagawea" from 2003's They're There is one of the more amusing ones) and much of it recalls the golden age of '90s alternative (before "alternative" became a buzzword and then a cash cow for the record companies who forced atrocities like Gavin Rossdale and Candlebox upon us).
Fri., Feb. 1, 9 p.m., 2008

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