Teacher, poet, lecturer, and Blastmaster. What you might not know about the legendary hip-hopper KRS-ONE, however, is that he's one of the best MCs that ever did it live. Like a true professional, the former BDP member has spent more than 20 years perfecting his stagecraft. It'll be worth the ticket price alone to see what gems (recent or classic) he'll pull out of his enormous hat. Perhaps a few key cuts from last year's invigorating Marley Marl collaboration, Hip Hop Lives? Maybe a healthy dose of BDP's best work from the late '80s? Or an in-depth lecture on the dangers of meat eating? Never one to hide his ferocious appetite for mic supremacy or his willingness to battle any and all whack suckers, KRS's passion ensures that whatever dude comes with tonight, best believe it will be live.
Fri., April 11, 9 p.m., 2008

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