Kill the Vultures


Kill the Vultures have gone two albums and an EP deep into a career devoted to giving you a distinct feeling of noir-tinged unease. Their last full-length, 2006's The Careless Flame, stands up there with Buck 65's more out-there work in the pantheon of hip-hop-styled attempts to replicate the strange rustlings going on in Tom Waits's brain. Their 2007 follow-up, Midnight Pine, upped the stakes by working the graveyard shift with early Sun Ra and '50s pulp paperback versions of modern urban travails. Now, with the release of Ecce Beast, Crescent Moon's ragged beat-poet lyrics and Anatomy's loping, bone-rattling beats combine for an even deeper cinematic experience, fusing night-terror bop, keening free jazz, Hitchcock-score orchestration, and evocative tales of blood-shedding misdeeds both criminal and psychological. It might just be their most harrowing (read: best) album to date, and the CD-release show at the Triple Rock will give those unsettling vibes a direct line into your head. With Mel Gibson & the Pants, Mike Mictlan, and Mike the 2600 King. 18+.
Fri., April 10, 9 p.m., 2009

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