Kidder Kaper

Sex is Fun (Avery), a new manual from the mind of Kidder Kaper, an online-sex-game-developer-cum-podcast-host-cum-sex-guru, is a fully illustrated, graphic (in more ways than one) guide. Kaper breezily leads the curious through the basics, including which types of sex shops are comfortable places to find dildos and vibrators, and on to more advanced role-playing and BDSM for the truly adventurous couple. Illustrator Josh Lynch brings Kaper's suggestions to full black-and-white realization with his "no imagination required" drawings. These are not the '70s-style pencil drawings from your parents' The Joy of Sex. They're more like your childhood Archie or Spider-Man comics, only everyone is naked and some characters are carrying riding crops. Chapters are supplemented by worksheets compiled by Kaper and his podcast co-host, Laura Rad, to help you and your partner get comfortable talking and exploring. Written for readers anywhere on the Kinsey Scale, Sex is Fun is an easy, sometimes funny, roll in the hay.
Tue., June 1, 7 p.m., 2010

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