Kidd Pivot Frankfurt RM "Dark Matters"

Mechanization, cybernetics, and cloning have given rise to all manner of human-machine hybrids in art and popular culture, from automatons that play chess to science-fiction cyborgs that dance to ballerinas and pop-culture messiahs capable of flight. Really, though, our fascination with remaking and animating the human body—often to include superhuman abilities—probably began with puppets. So what happens when a man builds and rouses a simple puppet—think of the hardwood mannequins used for figure drawing rather than Pinocchio—and their ensuing altercations explode in a dark ballet of extraordinary intrigue? One in which the choreographic variations between wood figure and flesh-and-bone body are nearly indistinct. Canadian choreographer Crystal Pite, who danced with the infamous ballet deconstructionist William Forsythe, explores this scenario in her dramatic dance-puppetry hybrid, Dark Matters, this weekend at the Walker Art Center. Terror and tenderness coexist in her shadow world in which the lean, rippling choreography performed by her company, Kidd Pivot Frankfurt RM, blurs any distinctions between ourselves and the companions we create. FREE TICKET ALERT: Are you interested in attending Friday night's show? Keep an eye out on our Dressing Room Twitter account (@cpdressingroom) and our Facebook page ( this Thursday for a chance to win tickets. (Image by Dean Buscher)
Thursdays-Saturdays, 8 p.m. Starts: Oct. 14. Continues through Oct. 16, 2010

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