Kicks & Spurs

Big V's is a Petri dish for unlikely musical matings. On any given night, the venue offers the best and worst and most diverse of what the Twin Cities has to offer. With Kicks & Spurs' self-appointed label of "experimental folk country," it's easy to raise an eyebrow and wonder on which side of the coin the band will fall. In the end, they offer more standard, but no less delightful, fare than expected. Lyrics are typical sad-sack country-and-western stories, but the band's baritone and tenor harmonies render the words their most forlorn. And with guitars expressing equal appreciation for drawling and boot-scooting, Kicks & Spurs, like Big V's, offer a little something for everyone. With Red Daughters, Total Babe, and Mondomega. (Photo by Rachel Walter)
Fri., Feb. 5, 10 p.m., 2010

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