Kevin Eubanks Quintet

After leading the Tonight Show band for 18 years, Kevin Eubanks left the late-night TV spotlight last spring, jaywalking back to his career as a respected jazz guitarist largely left in limbo for two decades. Although he did some playing and recording on the side, it was vastly overshadowed by his Leno gig. So last November's excellent Zen Food is essentially a welcome re-introduction. Juggling electric and acoustic music, Eubanks shows off his superlative chops on a repertoire of originals that touch on fusion, blues, bop, and beyond while working grooves that run from tasty to steamy. The jaunty drive of a piece like "Los Angeles" is nicely contrasted by the gorgeous, richly contemplative "Adoration," which is emerging as Eubanks's theme song. Joining him are fellow Leno alumni Smitty Smith on drums and pianist Gerry Etkins, along with saxophonist Bill Pierce and bassist Rene Camacho. All but Etkins are along on tour. $45 at 7 p.m.; $30 at 9 p.m.
Mondays, Tuesdays. Starts: April 11. Continues through April 12, 2011

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