Photo by John Abbott


Kendra Shank

Aug. 2
7 p.m.
Jazz, Pop, Singer-Songwriter

Graced with a maverick spirit, virtuoso chops, and a naturally lovely voice, Kendra Shank has been a key member of the New York jazz scene for two decades, leading a hot quartet there. Her latest album, Half Moon, is a duo collaboration with pianist Geoffrey Keezer, another critically acclaimed jazz globetrotter (and an Eau Claire native), and they’re a perfect match. Shank’s idiosyncratic phrasing and evocative tonal colors yield unique song interpretations. Keezer’s cerebral, quirky lyrical and rhythmic patterns are endlessly intriguing. They intuitively play off one another, constantly unveiling new angles for the other to explore. Here, Shank will be accompanied by pianist Phil Aaron and bassist Gordon Johnson.