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Ken Jeong

April 7
8 p.m.

It almost feels like a rule that if you make a bro-comedy movie, you have to include Ken Jeong. From his role as Leslie Chao in all the Hangover movies, to his appearances in Pineapple ExpressRole ModelsKnocked Up, and Crazy Rich Asians, Jeong is one of those people you know you can count on for a laugh. Long before he was pantomiming jacking off on the big screen, however, Jeong began his career as a standup comedian, winning competitions and performing regularly in clubs all over the country. With the recent release of his first Netflix comedy special, Jeong is hitting the road again and returning to his standup roots. His stories about growing up as a South Korean immigrant in North Carolina, his former career as a practicing physician, and his ascent to Hollywood mega-stardom make Jeong’s show equal parts standup and A-list stories. You’ll get the behind-the-scenes dirt on some of his uber-famous co-stars and find out how may jokes he can make about his wife’s last name (Ho).