Kelly Taylor

Kelly Taylor has been touring around the world. "I just got back from Afghanistan," he reports from his home in Saskatchewan. "It was incredible. The most amazing thing I've ever done in comedy." Back in North America, he continues to perform at colleges, comedy clubs, and corporate functions. Ten years into comedy, he's comfortable in front of any crowd. "I started out as a dirty comic," he notes. "But as I kept going I naturally developed some clean material. So I have a lot of that too, and can do corporate shows." The college circuit continues to bring him a lot of work, though he finds Canadian college audiences to be a little different than those in the U.S. "At Canadian college shows there's more drinking," he says. "The drinking age is lower, so it's usually more of a party show and I'll do my party-animal material. In the U.S., the show is more like an alternative to going out and drinking. You get the freshman, and kids who are away from home for the first time." When Taylor comes down to Minnesota, he feels right at home. "Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Saskatchewan are a lot alike," he says. "We like our hockey and football, and when it's warm out we're in a particularly good mood. Eight months of cold and dark, but when it warms up we're very happy." 18+; 21+ later shows.
Aug. 1-5, 8 p.m.; Aug. 3-4, 10:30 p.m., 2012

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