Katie McMahon's Celtic Christmas

Just in time for her annual Christmas show, local singer Katie McMahon has issued her second holiday album, Christmas Angels, a couple of months after delivering her second child, Rachel. Angels is an entirely apropos title for the new disc, since McMahon's lovely, soaring, silvery soprano seems to originate in celestial realms. A Dublin native who studied classical voice and harp at Trinity College, McMahon became the lead vocalist for the Riverdance phenomenon, which she toured the world with before settling in Minnesota. On Angels, as on her previous holiday release, Celtic Christmas, the arrangements (most by McMahon) are as exquisite as the singing, capturing the warmth and wonderment of the season while spanning the centuries from the ancient mists of tradition to Dickensian frolics and even a relatively modern doo-wop tune, Michael McGlyn's "Angels Are Singing." The repertoire also spans nations, tackling familiar and more obscure carols from Ireland, England, France, Germany, and America. Singers Jenny Russ, David Moore, and Neil Seeley contribute rich choral harmonies, while fiddler Zack Kline, guitarist Karen Mueller, and percussionist Marc Anderson (plus McMahon's harp) weave sublime instrumental accompaniments. All will be at O'Shaughnessy except Anderson; Michael Bissonnette will handle percussion. The Corda Mor Irish Dance Troupe will also be on hand. All ages.
Sat., Dec. 11, 7:30 p.m., 2010

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