Kassin + 2

Brazil's Kassin + 2 could more properly be called the Plus 2 Trio, which consists of Alexandre Kassin, bassist, guitarist, keyboardist, singer, and one of the hottest producers in Brazil; drummer/vocalist Domenico Lancellotti; and Moreno Veloso, guitarist, singer, and son of Brazilian music icon Caetano Veloso. The band's name shifts according to who takes the lead on its latest project, which currently is Futurismo (Luaka Bop), the third installment of a rambunctious trilogy that essentially carries the principles of tropicalismo, the revolutionary fusion of Brazilian roots and international influences co-founded by the elder Veloso, far into the 21st century. That means a strong core of bossa nova, samba, and more esoteric Brazilian elements mashed together in wide-ranging permutations with pop and dance beats from multiple continents, rock from garage as well as art studio, echoes of the Caribbean as well as noire westerns, all nudged, prodded, and shocked with sampling, loops, and other electronica flourishes. By turns lyrical and experimental, the trio can induce rock 'n' roll mayhem as well as dance-floor workouts. The local quartet Quilombolas also draws inspiration from diverse sources, including samba, funk, rock, and hip hop, with a particular nod to the late Chico Science's Pernambucan mangue beat.
Thu., Dec. 11, 7 p.m., 2008

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