Karen Sherman: Soft Goods

Daily from Dec. 8-10
8 p.m.

Karen Sherman’s new work, Soft Goods, wrestles with the beauty, brutality, and complicated social dynamics of the creative production world and its culture. Her 20-some years as a choreographer, dancer, and stagehand have given her considerable insight into both worlds: dancers who are constantly exposed to scrutiny and stage technicians who, hidden in the wings and isolated in booths, are meant to disappear. Sherman mines the tension between these professions, and the nuanced survival skills that dancers and technicians must cultivate in order to work together. She reveals the choreographic elegance of manual labor, and the vulnerability of dancers, who are often fetishized by audiences. A cast of 10 dancers and stage technicians, including Sherman herself as “The Choreographer,” illuminates the focus and dedication inherent in both professions. If Sherman’s previous work is any indication, there will be plenty of barbed humor and spectral beauty.