Karen Rontowski

"It's very clean. There's a little bit of swearing, but it's very clean and it's very silly," says comedian Karen Rontowski of her act. "I am what you would call a metaphorical hippie, and a ghost hunter on the side. It's a little dark, it's a little twisted, but it's very fun and it's sort of positive thinking. A lot of times comics can be cynical. I'm not." Positive thinking is what carried her from Pittsfield, Massachusetts, to Las Vegas, Nevada, when she was 21. Working as a cigarette girl at Caesar's Palace, she visited local comedy clubs at night, eventually taking the plunge at an open mic. "I was terrible," she recalls. "I was just not funny at all, but I knew that that was what I was going to do forever." Of her previous job, she says it's the only one she would ever go back to. "It was really great," she recalls. "You're the center of attention, because you're 21 and in a skirt. Guys are putting money on your cigarette tray—what could go wrong?" 18+.
Feb. 24-27, 8 p.m.; Feb. 26-27, 10:30 p.m., 2010

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