Kanser CD-Release Show

Local rap institution Kanser are releasing their seventh album, a feat of longevity and abundance almost as impressive as my man Favre's streak of games played. Future Retro Legacy is the perfect title because it makes little practical sense but also fits their contemporary "legacy" exactly—being local for life, the group will never make it into any national rap narrative but will undoubtedly be looked back on fondly and with nostalgia by TC fans who've been spoiled by innumerable Dinkytowner performances. Produced entirely by Big Jess of Unknown Prophets, the new platter, and its accompanying unveiling tonight, will showcase again why the once-thriving but ostensibly lost group dynamic of MC-MC-DJ is so intoxicating. Listen for some classic material sprinkled in with the fresh songs, keep a lookout for other local favorites making cameos, and celebrate another spring thaw under the soothing sounds of one of our best tireless throwback crews. With Pee Wee Dread, Dalia, Rezerected Beans, Fik & Nova, DJ Fundamentalist, and DJ Mixwell. 18+.
Sat., April 5, 9 p.m., 2008

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