Kamasi Washington

Nov. 9
7 p.m.
Experimental, Funk, Instrumental, Jazz

This might be the single most anticipated jazz show to come through the Twin Cities this year. There’s an increasing sense that Los Angeles bandleader and saxophonist Kamasi Washington is a special case—you’re clearly doing something right when serious jazz critics are calling you a modern-day Coltrane. Performing with Snoop Dogg and Raphael Saadiq earlier in his career kept Washington busy but unable to truly flourish until 2015, when he exploded to a new realm of renown. Two months after his noted contributions to Kendrick Lamar’s dizzyingly ambitious conscious-rap opus To Pimp a Butterfly, Washington released The Epic, a deeply spiritual three-hour odyssey. Washington’s virtuosic playing dazzles throughout, bolstered by powerful soul singing from Patrice Quinn and liquid electric bass from Thundercat. Outside of his own music, Washington’s services continue to be in demand, as he played on Run the Jewels 3 and Lamar’s Damn. The 36-year-old recently released a new EP called Harmony of Difference