Justin Willman

Every Fri. and Sat. from Dec. 2-3
8 p.m. and 10:30 p.m.

As with many performers, comedian and magician Justin Willman was inspired at an early age. In his case, the seed was planted when he learned a trick made famous by Harry Anderson, the magician and actor who starred in the sitcom Night Court. “That was my favorite show,” Willman says. “Harry Anderson used to do a bit where he would shove a long needle through his arm, and the trick looks real, with blood trickling down. I would do that in class.” Willman was amazed by the reaction it got. “They were freaked out, or found it hilarious. It’s empowering when you’re a young kid and a little bit of practice creates a big impact on people. That kind of thing gets you hooked.” Willman never lost his desire to combine humor with magic, but he chooses his illusions carefully. “I don’t want to do a trick because it looks cool and is amazing, I want it to be about something.” For instance, he smashes a phone as part of a trick. “It’s about our excessive attachment to technology and how we can’t let go and live in the moment because our devices rule our lives. If I can’t figure out what a trick is about, I’ll put a pin in it until I can come up with something.” 18+.