Joyful Riders' back to school ride Image courtesy event organizers


Joyful Riders Club: Back to School Donation Ride

Sept. 13
6-9 p.m.
Benefits,Parties,Receptions, Cycling

While this is a back-to-school event, all ages are welcome. This week, the Joyful Riders invite people to bring school supply donations to this slow-roll ride. Think backpacks, fun erasers, Lisa Frank-style notepads, safety scissors, markers, and anything else useful to budding minds. Head to Surly Brewing, where folks will meet and take to the streets to casually make their way to this year’s benefactors: the Lucy Craft Laney Community School. Once the goods have been bestowed, people will make their way back to Surly for a free beer (or non-alcoholic drink), with pitchers and other prizes going to top donors. At last year’s event, the group amassed a large pile of supplies, plus $444 in cash. You can RSVP using the event section of the Joyful Riders’ page: