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Josh Wolf

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Comedian Josh Wolf has written and appeared in several sitcoms, was a popular panelist on Chelsea Lately, and has been part of the comedy scene in Boston, Seattle, and Los Angeles. These days, he doesn’t have to look beyond his own household for material. Married for 15 years, and a father of three, Wolf has found an endless source of inspiration in his family. “I got an iPad as a gift,” he explains to an audience, “and I didn’t know how to set it up, so I gave it to my son to do.” His son handed it back, ready to go, and told his father, “It’s connected to the cloud, so all of our devices are connected to your iPad.” The elder Wolf was scrolling through pictures one night, looking for something to post on social media. “When you’re sitting in your own bed, looking at your own iPad, looking at your pictures, this is a sentence you never want to leave your mouth: ‘Well, that’s not my dick.’” At first, Wolf thought someone was sending his wife dick pics. Then he looked closer, and saw a desk in the backroom; the one he’d built for his son. That’s when he figured it out. “I had built that desk, and that dick!”