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Josh Wolf

Daily from May 11-12
7:30 p.m.
May 12
9:45 p.m.
Daily from May 13-14
7 p.m.
May 13
9:30 p.m.

“I like getting out of the house,” Josh Wolf tells an audience. “I have a family now, so it’s always nice to leave.” Recently Wolf noticed his teenage son was stealing booze. “I asked him, ‘Did you know vodka doesn’t freeze?’” His son did not know that. “Do you know water freezes?” The younger Wolf did know that. “Then why is my vodka frozen, dumbass? Why do I have a vodka-sicle in my freezer? We all stole liquor from our parents, but at least I was creative about it.” Wolf used to leave a bottle of apple juice on the family’s back patio for two weeks until the contents fermented. “When I put it back in my dad’s bottle, it would smell like whiskey. To this day my dad’s like, ‘I can’t drink that whiskey. It gives me the runs.’” As for his own son, Wolf sat down and had a few beers with him. “Look, we’re like gentlemen and we’re safe,” he told his son, “because the first lesson is you don’t drink and drive. I got him shitfaced.” His son eventually passed out, he tells the crowd. “I shaved one of his eyebrows and drew a dick on his cheek, because you never pass out first.” 18+; 21+ later shows.