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Jordan Carlos

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Jordan Carlos is a standup comic who has also done a fair bit of TV work, both as a writer and as a performer. Comedy fans may recognize him as “Alan” from The Colbert Report, where he portrayed host Stephen Colbert’s “black co-worker.” Onstage, he discusses, among other things, being in a mixed-race marriage. He’s also not afraid to dabble in politics. “Our president is not boring,” he tells an audience. “Season one and season two have been crazy. So many twists and turns. My favorite was how he blamed the California wildfires on California. ‘Did you see all the leaves they didn’t rake?’” says Carlos in a perfect Donald Trump voice. “‘They were asking for it.’” Carlos also enjoys the president’s tweets. “I check Twitter; what’s he going to say next? I like when he tries tweeting things into law.” 18+.