Jonathan Kozol

Jonathan Kozol has long been at the forefront of narrative nonfiction about students in the some of the most depressed schools in the country. In his newest book, Letters to a Young Teacher, Kozol focuses on the teachers, many of whom have likely read his earlier works, including Savage Inequalities, as part of their training. Letters is a series of 16 letters written to a semi-fictional first-grade teacher. His words serve as a reminder of the necessity of having good, creative, joyful teachers in classrooms. As important as the inspiration that Kozol provides is, he is not all bonbons and sugarplum fairies. The book is also a razor-sharp criticism of the current test- and voucher-driven education system, and reminds us of one other necessity: Without sweeping, system-wide changes to American education, it is doomed to continue the downward spiral of further racial and socioeconomic segregation. For more info call Magers & Quinn at 612.822.4611.
Thu., Oct. 18, 7:30 p.m., 2007

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