Jolie Holland

Jolie Holland's whippoorwill mushmouth is one of the more dauntingly beautiful vocal things to emerge from '00s alternative roots music, so odd and engaging that it reveals itself anew with every fresh context—tackling straight-up blues, accompanying rapper Sage Francis, or working her own developing jazz-folk-pop amalgam, where most fans find her. But she's not one to make lyrics the star of her songs, however heartfelt, so her surest claims on eternity might lie outside the jazz she plies, amid the consciously mysterious porch singing of 2003's Catalpa, where she began, solo-wise, and the rock of "Mexico City," off last year's The Living and the Dead, in which she becomes a sad Elvis for a mysterious situation involving war and booze. Her music remains high on its timeless novelty, and with such a regular live presence here, most fans require no introduction. With Matt Bauer. 18+. (Photo by Scott Irvine)
Mon., Oct. 12, 8 p.m., 2009

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