John Mulaney

It might seem silly to say that John Mulaney is finally getting his own sitcom. The writer and comedian only recently turned 30, after all, but longtime fans of his work as a writer and producer on Saturday Night Live and his standup have seen the promise all along. Mulaney's fondness for the genre was evident in the opening sequence of his Comedy Central special New in Town, which opened with a loving parody of '80s three-camera sitcoms complete with an establishing shot of a New York brownstone that could easily have housed the Huxtables. "Those are the shows I grew up on: Cosby, Family Ties, Roseanne, Seinfeld," says Mulaney, who will play a version of himself on the show currently in the works for NBC. "People have asked me, 'Are you trying to do a Seinfeld?' and it's like, isn't everybody? I would love for it to turn out like Seinfeld. It's basically about me being kind of the world's oldest young person and out of step with my friends and roommates." In addition to his TV work, Mulaney has quickly established himself in the standup world on his stellar debut album, The Top Part, with instant classic bits like the long, elegantly constructed "Salt & Pepper Diner," a defining joke of the era. His distinctive delivery and strong joke writing reveal a talent destined for a long career, although the native Midwesterner remains cautiously skeptical. "TV character John Mulaney hasn't even been on yet," he says. "I could be replaced by a really fun Filipino girl by the time it airs." 18+.
Sat., March 16, 7 & 10 p.m., 2013

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