John Minczeski

John Minczeski has been, among other things, a pilot and flight instructor, an antiwar activist and draft resistor, and a lion of Minnesota lit for a generation or so. He has published four volumes of poetry, edited Concert at Chopin's House: A Collection of Polish-American Writing, and taught kindergarteners, collegians, and senior citizens at every teaching venue in Minnesota. Well, not every one. Poet Mary Oliver, writing about Minczeski's previous collection, Circle Routes, offered this graceful summary: "John Minczeski has a penchant for winged things, not only planes but mayflies, bats, as well as the engagements of the human heart." Here, Minczeski will read from November, just out on Fishing Line Press. To preview some of his work, visit
Thu., Sept. 20, 7 p.m.

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