John Leguizamo Matthew Murphy


John Leguizamo: Latin History For Morons

June 27
7:30 p.m.
Comedy, Theater

A lecture might sound like a sedate affair, unless the instructor happens to be the charismatic, seemingly inexhaustible John Leguizamo. A prolific actor on stage and screen, Leguizamo has portrayed an eclectic range of roles, but his most recent one-man show, the acclaimed Latin History for Morons, is a revelatory work of cultural insight and social urgency. Appalled by the dearth of Latino figures in American history textbooks, Leguizamo envisioned the piece as a humorous but heartfelt corrective to the whitewashed accounts that relegate a rich heritage to the narrowest margins of our collective identity (if not omitting their contributions altogether). Calling upon his dynamic performance style, Leguizamo morphs throughout the presentation, from erudite to manic, all the while keeping his attention centered on the reclamation of a culture’s purloined legacy. While indignation does arise during the occasional rant, Leguizamo is more intent on illuminating the importance of representation with all of the tools in his repertoire, including his skills as a standup comic. Following a critically lauded run on Broadway, this Minneapolis stop on Leguizamo’s national tour promises an evening of cultural appreciation delivered with insightful hilarity.