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John Jodzio

April 13
7 p.m.

Minneapolis author John Jodzio just can’t quit the short story. His latest collection of calamitous and crazy tales is This Is the Only Orientation You’re Gonna Get, the winner of Quarterly West’s 2017 Chapbook Competition. Slapped with seemingly self-explanatory titles like “Most of You Know Me From Losing My Virginity to the Ben Franklin Impersonator” and “Last Summer I Had Sex With A Hair Stylist Named Lori Once Or Twice a Week,” Jodzio still manages to surprise readers with plot twists told with his trademark balls-out humor. The vividly drawn but whacked-out characters get into the strangest situations: one honors his dead pet snake by attending an orgy; another handcuffs a pair of recovering addicts to the radiator to prevent relapse. Kinky sex, drug abuse, and senseless violence are rampant in his writing, but just when you think it’s all shameless shock-jock grandstanding, Jodzio drops a profound sentiment into the narrative, proving he can stimulate the heart just as easily as he does the funny bone.