John Caponera

When you're a standup comic with a wife and kids, you learn time management. "I might have to stop here and there to swing my club," says John Caponera from a golf course somewhere in the Los Angeles basin. Some may recognize him as the man who does a killer impression of late Chicago Cubs play-by-play man Harry Caray. However, there's much more to Caponera than dead-on impressions. Indeed, he doesn't do them much anymore, nor does he talk a lot about sports. "I could do a whole 40 minutes on sports if I wanted to, but I also talk about family and politics." Oddly, Caponera, who is from Chicago, hasn't played Minneapolis much in his career, which is something he finds surprising. He's looking forward to his visit. "They're cut out of the same cloth," he observes. "They're both Midwestern cities, cold cities. I should have been playing Minneapolis all my life." Caponera recently has been touring with other Italian-American comics as part of the Godfathers of Comedy tour, which has also been running all this month on Showtime. 18+; 21+ later shows.
March 2-6, 8 p.m.; March 4-5, 10:30 p.m., 2011

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