Johari's Window CD-release

Sometimes, a band's influences can tell you the whole story. For instance, if I told you that singer/acoustic guitarist Jon Jacobsen lists Pearl Jam as one of his touchstones, as does lead guitarist Robert Paro (who also counts Jeff Beck and P-Funk guitarist Eddie Hazel in that club), and that bassist Jason Schooler finds inspiration in the music of Wes Montgomery while drummer Jared Brewington is a fan of Earth, Wind and Fire and Stevie Wonder, you can probably suss what Johari's Window sound like. Their music leans heavily on the interplay between acoustic and distorted electric guitars, and Jacobsen's gravelly tenor is sure to evoke memories of late-'90s mainstream rock. Brewington's spry and polyrhythmic drumming keeps the sound from getting turgid, guaranteeing that a live Johari's Window show will be high-energy. Plus, in the fine tradition of the HarMar shopping mall and the MarTen parking ramp, the name Johari's Window comes from a psychological profiling device whose moniker was crafted out of its creators' first names: Joseph Luft and Harry Ingham. 18+.
Sat., Dec. 8, 7 p.m., 2007

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