Joe DeRosa

You may recognize comedian Joe DeRosa from his work with fellow comic Bill Burr. The two hosted a radio show on XM called The Uninformed, and these days he can be heard on Burr's Monday Morning Podcast. While his attitude onstage is pretty much the same, DeRosa says his act is a little different from his broadcast musings. "The thing that makes the podcast work is who Bill and I are as people," he explains, "and being opinionated guys who like to talk about and judge other people, while being equally hard on ourselves. Those ingredients are definitely there in my act." DeRosa stumbled into comedy while performing music with a buddy. "We were trying to play some songs at the end of a music open mic. The crowd was drunk and they weren't listening," he recalls. DeRosa and his friend had had a few as well, and Joe started berating the crowd, finally getting them to pay attention. "We got off stage and the manager was like, 'You're funny, man. You guys should do a comedy show.'" They did, but after a few weeks DeRosa was on his own, and two years after that he was in New York doing comedy fulltime. He still does music, but in a more serious vein. He's part of a duo with Atlanta-based pal Jim Pinkstone called Funeral in the Mirror. 18+; 21+ late shows.
Aug. 18-22, 8 p.m.; Aug. 20-21, 10:30 p.m., 2010

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