Joe Buck Yourself

In his days as bassist for Hank Williams III, Joe Buck was easily the most striking figure in the band. That's no small feat when you're sharing the stage with the spitting image of the grandaddy of country-western music. It isn't just Buck's foot-long mohawk, bugged eyes, and enormous, zombie-like maw. The man plays fast. Really fast. Like, "swallows a heaping handful of trucker speed before each show" fast. As a solo artist, he changes up his instrumentation a bit, two-step-stomping a bass drum to complement his grubby guitar work while screaming his lyrics at the top of his lungs and spraying sweat everywhere. The music is a screeching gothic mash-up of country and punk, heavily infused with religious and Southern imagery. Catching a Buck show at Lee's is a special kind of intense, with the crowd leaned over the monitors to within inches of Buck's manic visage, howling his words back at him like Pentecostal exorcists expelling a demon. 21+. (Photo by gregor_y)
Wed., Oct. 7, 9 p.m., 2009

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