Image courtesy the standup


Jo Koy

April 14
7 p.m.

Jo Koy is probably most recognized from his appearances on The Adam Carolla Show, a podcast where he does a variety of characters and voices. He also has his own podcast, The Koy Pond. “I’m talking more about my son now,” says the comedian of his current set. “He’s 14, so it’s fun to talk about him. That’s a whole different dude that’s living with me than he was before.” One thing Koy is not discussing with audiences is politics. “That’s not my style,” he insists. “I leave that to people like Bill Maher, Lewis Black, and Dennis Miller. I don’t really enjoy that style of comedy per se, so I don’t like doing it, either.” Besides, there’s so much to talk about at home. “My son’s buying the same clothes I did when I was 14. I tell him he’s dressing just like I used to, and he hates hearing that. ‘No way, dad. It’s totally different.’”