Jimmy Shubert

"The rest of showbiz looks at standup like a stepchild of the arts. You're a clown in the plainclothes division. But standup is the toughest thing to do," says comedian Jimmy Shubert, who would know—when it comes to showbiz, he's probably done it. The former magician has acted on screens big (Go, The Italian Job) and small (King of Queens, E.R.), gone on USO tours, written and directed a short film, and now hosts his own podcast. But standup has always been his art form of choice. "I'm not bitter or suicidal. I don't have a callus on the roof of my mouth from a loaded revolver. I love it." Shubert is an old-school entertainer with a reverence for Dean Martin and Johnny Carson, which is evident on his albums, Pandemonium and Animal Instincts, and his new DVD, Alive & Kickin' (Stand Up! Records). "I like observational comedy where I find myself the victim," he says, recalling a squabble with the TSA when he was told there was no joking allowed while going through airport security. "No joking allowed? Well, that's the fucking perfect screening procedure. Terrorists aren't funny. If you aren't funny, step out of line, you require some additional screening." 18+; 21+ late shows.
Nov. 17-21, 8 p.m.; Nov. 19-20, 10:30 p.m., 2010

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