Jimmy Pardo

It's an election year, but comedian Jimmy Pardo can't seem to get into it. "I donated money to Obama's camp so I could get a free bumper sticker for my car," he says. "That's about as political as I've gotten." Though he's done a few jokes on the subject, his heart just isn't in it. "Maybe I'm just not that great at it and I'll leave that to better comics." He still has plenty to talk about though, like his 11-month-old son. "He's getting to the age where we're rolling the ball back and forth, and he knows to raise his hands in front of his face because he knows I'm going to whip the ball at him." Pardo has also been hard at work on his award-winning podcast, which is now in its third season. An edited version is free through iTunes, but paying customers at Pardo's website get the full 90-minute cast. "Ever since we've gone to a pay format it's been paying the bills," he remarks. "It's fascinating what the internet can do." He's also busy with game show pilots, of which he does about two a year. The other thing occupying his time is the American League Central pennant race, a horse race between our Twins and Pardo's beloved Chicago White Sox. "I'm on pins and needles every day."
Aug. 26-30, 8 p.m.; Aug. 29-30, 10:30 p.m., 2008

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