Photo by Jimi Giannatti


Jimmy Eat World

Dec. 3
7:30 p.m.
Alternative, Indie Rock, Rock

It just takes some time, little girl, but Jimmy Eat World are in the middle of a career renaissance in 2016. The early-aughts pop-punk stalwarts took things to a darker, more intense extreme for their ninth album, October’s Integrity Blues. A nostalgic 15 years removed from Bleed American, JEW’s aching songwriting has not waned, though they’ve grown out of their awk-boy theatrics and into more tortured milieus. A decade and a half of being written off as emo can invoke some bitterness, and Integrity Blues sneers with the Arizona vets’ most jaded stylings yet. Then again, they still know how to play to a crowd that grew up ingesting their emotional journey. And if 2013’s gig at First Avenue is any indication, the classics — most notably 2001 mega-hit “The Middle” — will not be neglected. The band might even dip into “My Enemy,” their anti-Trump protest song that arrived weeks before the election.