Jim Norton

Sept. 15
8 p.m.
$35; $75 VIP

Comedian Jim Norton has spent more than 25 years not only pushing the envelope, but shredding it into tiny pieces, setting them on fire, and then spitting on their ashes. Instead of becoming a cautionary tale in the annals of “shock-comic” history, however, Norton is a best-selling author, radio and podcast host, and TV and movie star. Oh, and he’s also one of the most successful comedians in the game today. His secret? Be prepared to back up your words. “Anything I say onstage, I think to myself, ‘Can I justify why I’m saying this?’” he says. “One time Louis C.K. told me that I was really good at making my point and explaining how I came to that conclusion. I want to make sure that if I’m ever called out for something I say that I can confidently support why I said it.” Norton is preparing to shoot a new standup special this October, which means fans will get a sneak peek at his latest collection of filthy anecdotes and observations, as well as twisted tales from his own personal life. Whether you know him from Opie & Anthony, his new UFC-sponsored podcast, or his years of unapologetic standup, you can count on the fact that Norton will pull no punches when he comes to town — and he knows exactly what he’s doing. 18+.