Jim James

Dec. 1
6:30 p.m.
Americana, Classic Rock, Rock, Singer-Songwriter

My Morning Jacket frontman Jim James’ second solo album, Eternally Even, came out shortly before Election Day; James had earlier declared it would speak to the issues in “these absolutely insane times.” His comment nailed the last bit, but EE’s lyrics are mostly obscure, usually opting for an amorphous yearning for peace and love. Oddly, that fits the tone of the music, an often brooding, sometimes unsettling, constantly shapeshifting array of elegant textures — a trippy experiment in vintage psychedelia, soul, and funk. On the opening “Hide in Plain Sight,” sweeping clouds of organ, strings, and synthesized luminescence drift. Then, following juicy bass dollops and slippery grooves, James’ languid vocals splash around in pools of mercurial soul. This exquisitely nuanced approach peaks on the Muscle Shoals-infused “The World’s Smiling Now” and the Marvin Gaye-like “Here in Spirit.” But EE’s message rises to “What’s Going On” territory on “Same Old Lie,” a subtly urgent call to avoid the tiresome shit the country again stepped in three weeks ago. Twin Limb will open and back James.