Jim Gaffigan

"When it comes to pale, middle-aged, out-of-shape guys who are balding, I've got the market cornered," Gaffigan says from his home in New York City. "I continue to deal with the hard-hitting issues of the day, like bowling and bacon. I would say the material is very much from the perspective of a guy who doesn't want to get off the couch, who would prefer to eat and do nothing." He pauses. "It sounds horrible when you describe it." Audiences know, however, what to expect from the Indiana native. Casual fans will recognize him from his bit on Hot Pockets. It's become somewhat of a signature piece, but so far Gaffigan doesn't feel he's painted himself into a corner with it and will have it to perform forever. "It's hopefully something that I will eventually grow out of," he says. "It's not the worst thing in the world for people to really enjoy one of my jokes." He can see only one downside. "If in 10 years I'm still known as the Hot Pocket guy, then I've probably done something wrong." Those who aren't familiar with his musings on microwavable snack food may have seen him on the TBS sitcom My Boys, in various TV commercials, or perhaps in the Broadway revival of That Championship Season. While he enjoys acting, it's not something he relies on. He's even passed on some animation voice-over work. "I'm kind of overwhelmed as it is," he notes. "I've got kids and I'm already kind of busy. It's got to be something I really want to do, otherwise I'd rather sit on my couch."
Oct. 7-8, 7 & 9:30 p.m., 2011

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Historic State Theatre

805 Hennepin Ave.
Minneapolis, MN 55403



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