Jethro Tull

The long, curious, enduring saga of Jethro Tull—the band, not the 18th-century agronomist whose name they appropriated—continues with this tour marking the 40th anniversary of the group's signature album, Aqualung. The first six notes of Aqualung's title tune are seared into the cerebral cortexes of anyone who listened to rock then, along with Ian Anderson's one-legged flute forays and his memorable description of the song's snot-encrusted protagonist. Tull always were a bit off the beam, mixing progressive rock, jazz, classical, English folk, and blues, plus Anderson's eccentric social commentary and Elizabethan inclinations. Charges of pomposity and pretentiousness inevitably were hurled in Tull's direction, but legions of closet fans can no doubt still quote Aqualung in its entirety, which is what the current version of Tull—notably sporting longtime guitarist Martin Barre—plan to play.
Sat., June 25, 8 p.m., 2011

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