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Jessimae Peluso

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March 16
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March 17
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“I’m just out here trying not to get diabetes or die,” says comedian Jessimae Peluso. The Syracuse native relocated to Los Angeles from New York City. She loves the West Coast. “New Yorkers talk about L.A. and vice versa,” she says. “People are assholes everywhere, the only difference is the weather. I grew up in the Snow Belt. If it’s 75 and sunny I’m happy.” Onstage, she’s still talking about her life experiences. “It’s pretty relatable,” she says. “I’m bold and honest, but it’s also a little goofy.” Life has changed for the 35-year-old Peluso. “My dad was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s,” she says, “and I’m a new aunt. I have a niece and nephew. It’s great. I can be a part-time mom and then just give the kids back.” She’s also no longer dating assholes. “That’s when you know you’re an adult,” she adds. “When you see your dad in Depends and you’re not dating assholes, you know you’re an adult.” Nice guys offer other benefits as well. “My skin has cleared up and I’m sleeping better.” 16+.