Photo by Ebru Yildiz


Jessica Lea Mayfield

Nov. 11
8 p.m.
Americana, Rock, Singer-Songwriter

Sorry Is Gone, Jessica Lea Mayfield’s fourth solo album, is packed with angst, uncertainty, anger, pain, resentment, and (despite the title) remorse. The singer-songwriter sorts through the messy pieces of her dissolving, abusive marriage, an often grim exercise she’s called “taking my life back” that ultimately proves cathartic. Mayfield wades through raw, shockingly detailed confessionals (“Can they hear us white trash fighting?”) while discovering fresh confidence through self-reliance (“I’m OK with being alone/So over feeling sorry for myself”), and she finds an expressive middle ground between her country and indie-rock inclinations. “Bum Me Out” trifles with punkish miasma, her drawl as anguished as her body. On the only acoustic tune, “Safe 2 Connect 2,” her robotic monotone pleads for advice on how to feel more human. “Meadow” is noirish country-pop, while ”Offa My Hands” is a jangly country-rocker with wicked hooks and sufficient buoyancy for Mayfield to shake off despair. Nashville’s Blank Range, whose rangy rock ’n’ roll mixes up blues, country-rock, and psychedelia, open.